If you want to Monitor your Boyfriend there are Spy Apps for You

track your boyfriendWomen in relationships may have various reasons for a phone tracker app to monitor a cell phone. Your boyfriend is acting strange, not answering his phone, or maybe you found out something making you unsure of him. What you want is an online boyfriend tracker that gives you answers to these questions.

About Cell Phone Tracking

Mobile phone tracking is a method used to gather information from a monitored cell phone. With a user interface found online phone tracker apps can send you data directly from the monitored phone. The interface may require a user name and password to gain access to the database. Once there you can use the phone tracker to: view all communication including texts, emails or SMS inbound or outbound view photos and video sent to, taken by, or stored on the phone use GPS tracking to pinpoint the location of the phone use a GPS phone tracker to create a history of where the phone has been during a day, how long and the route it takes create logs of calls determining time, date, duration and contact information between parties create recordings of phone conversations listen in as a silent third party

The last two features are available on more advanced cell phone spy software. This list will help you spy on a boyfriend.

Different Tracking Apps

When you go online, boyfriend tracker apps will be found with many options from a range of suppliers. A tracker app will not fit every need, but with research into each phone tracker you can determine the best price and options to watch your boyfriend. Tracker app software downloads directly to the phone; the directions vary by distributor. You cannot get a cell phone tracker free online. Boyfriend tracker apps require a monthly or yearly subscription. A few basic apps can be had for a one time charge with a monthly call or use charge.

You can get a good basic app from Spy Bubble; this app allows for most features in the list above for a one time charge, then a charge per access fee billed monthly.

Mobile Spy is another widely known vendor known for its customer service. This app is available on a monthly subscription plan.

If you want to record or trace calls as they occur you want FlexiSpy or MobiStealth; both have tiered plans that allow you to customize your use and plan rate.

A special feature of all phone tracker apps is the ability to capture deleted information. As an online boyfriend tracker, the app signals you when the initial call or text is made allowing you to see it as it is sent. So if they do erase the data later your phone tracker still has it in the user interface.

Phone Tracker Issues

One specific legal issue you may run into is your state of residence. In the United States each state determines privacy law in regards to how phones are monitored. A phone tracker that is monitoring a phone without the user’s knowledge may be illegal in your state. Some states require you to inform the other party that you are tracing a call or communication.

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